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A quaddie is a bet type whereby the bettor must select the winner of each of the four nominated quaddie races.


We give you the POWER of the QUADDIE principle, but over 20 Races, and they don't all have to payout!

Available in two formats.




If you are interest in Excel Version continue to read this page.

If you would like the cloud version no excel needed.

Works on phones, tablets, MAC and PC

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A staking plan is a method to determine how much money should go on each bet.

We talk of using it in races, but it works on any betting like football etc.

Plus works on low to medium odds.

There are hundreds of different staking strategies and approaches, but ultimately the aim is to find a staking strategy that:

  • Generates the best returns possible.

  • Minimises the chance of losing the bankroll.

We have been working towards only that goal and 20 Race Staking Attack is one more step closer to our goal.

We design every staking plans in a such a way that makes a fine balancing act between not over exposing ourselves and risking going broke, and placing enough money on selections to ensure that  bank growth is not stunted.

With 20 Race Staking Attack, you don’t require huge dividends to make good profits.

For example, just 13 dividends of $1.7 from the twenty races would return a profit of $112.00.

Seven dividends of $4 would return a healthy profit of $411.0, all for just 10 cent outlays per combination.

Dollars, pounds, euros all the same results.

20 Race Staking Attack is very simple for you to operate (though it is very complex at the code with 5000 plus combinations working).

It auto calculates the next outlay after you input the dividend following the next race.

You can bet on Win, Place, Each way on any race during the 20 races schedule.

Yes why 20 races schedule attack?

Because twenty races give you the opportunity to recover from the bad run and still return to profit at the end of the series of twenty races with only 6 or 7 winning bets. 

Stick to the 20-race schedule and that’s it.

You can always customize the 20 race to 10 race schedule as well but more important to get the discipline right and make some good profits and then do any adjustments.

  Always bet for profit.Ask any professional gambler what sets them apart from the amateur and you will probably get the same answer each time.

Once you look at what that means in more detail - you realise that emotion has no part to play in successful betting. Emotion can affect what you bet on, how frequently you bet, and how much you bet.

When emotion takes over on any of these factors you can wave goodbye to any long term profit.

Please stick to the plan if you have losing run.

Because If you quit, that makes it even harder to get back to even. Keep in mind that you are investing on wagers that have a say certain 40% or more chance of winning and that eventually, you will get your money back. Stay disciplined and stick to the staking plan, you will 100% return profit.

Luck always seems to be against the man who depends on it.

Hence be disciplined than being lucky.


Overview of "How 20 Race Staking Attack" works.


Welcome to the 20 Race Staking Attack.

See the goal is set for you, we are only looking at the next twenty betting events, be they races (horses or dogs) or sports events.

We now have a direction for the next 20 bets, and this makes the whole operation much easier, as the "How Much Do I Stake" question is removed.

So we have the goal set, and now we can look at reaching the 20th race, and the spreadsheet will guide you through the process.

Above is the interface of 20 Race Staking Attack.

You can see we have entered 48.50 as our risk over the next 20 races/events, this is a rock solid commitment. (This is a 1 cent/pence unit)

After 20 races, we have had 11 winning bets, on short priced favourites.

Profit on Original Risk 133.76%

We have recieved, 113.37 return, minus our 48.50 bank, leaving after commission 64.87 profit.

This is an example and it is actually my very first test of the spreadsheet, as you can see the odds were low as I was attacking mainly the place market.

The average winning price was 2.51.

Peanuts?.. But what if

we had a start bank of 500.00, we would have made 668.84 Profit on the 20 bets.

Level Staking?

Level staking, 500/20 = 25.00 units per bet, our return would 658.05, minus the 500 bank.

Level stake profit of 158.05 or 31.60% ROI.

Same selections, 510.00 profit increase on 20 Race Staking Attack v Level Staking.


Answer this question?

How many winning bets can you get in 20 races?

If it is less than 4 then sorry this is not for you.

If you can do better than four then it maybe for you.

How does this staking plan work, and why is it so powerful?

  • You have a set amount at the start of a series and it can only ever be 20 races/events at most.

  • You know exactly where your profit or loss is at anytime in the 20 race sequence.

  • The Magic is that we are betting 4 all up winning bets, so we have a possible 4,845 4 win combinations in our 20 race series.

  • And all you are doing is placing one bet a race to the amount the spreadsheet is telling you. After the race enter the dividend of the bet, and if it is a winning bet or not. That is it.

  • You can not get lost or over extend, the amount you set at the beginning is the most you can lose if it all turns to custard.

All Right, here is how it works.

Race 1,2 and 3 will not return any money back to you to keep, if they are winning bets, monies are distributed to future bets.

We need 4 winning bets to get a payout.

And there is the possibility of 4,845 combinations, and we cover them all with the spreadsheet.

Lets look at a winning combination.


Here is the contract:

You (the man or woman in the mirror).

  • Provide the selections.

  • Follow the staking for the next twenty events.

  • Don't make the next bet until you know the result of the current bet.

  • Don't change the start bank.

  • Don't put a bank figure in that you are not prepared to commit to the next 20 events.

Our Spreadsheet.

  • Provide you with staking amounts that will build the best return for you.

  • Keep you up to date, your position as far as profit or loss.

  • Provide a very visual graph so you can plot your process.

  • The option if you want to back several options within the one event.

  • Keep you risk at the initial figure you entered at the start.

Horse Racing, is ideal for 20 Race Staking Attack.

You can bet place, each way, and two or more horses.

The races are plentiful and decided in minutes, so you don't have to wait long to more on to the next bet.

Plus, South Africa racing is good time zone for UK and Australian punters.

So no shortage of action there.

Remember you can take as long as you like to complete the 20 races.


Football, or for that matter most sports are a perfect match to use with 20 Race Staking Attack.

Especially match odds, under/over2.5, Both teams to score.

We are looking at a good strike rate, to turbo charge the compounding effect of the plan.


Greyhounds (Lotto Balls on legs).

There is plenty of action with these animals, however they can be hit and miss.

Still better quality races are usually good betting affairs.




Easy Bet Bot deluxe Special Offer with 20 Plan Staking Attack

This bot has many features but why you may like to use it with 20 Race Staking Attack, is that you can bet small amounts, and is handy if you are starting with small banks to start with.

The way to get that done is to use a bot, and that is why we are offerring a special deal to get access to our Bot (Easy Bet Bot) that will allow this.

Plus it has other features, that you can use in your day to day betting (See more Click Here)

You can see our offer below for the package.

This bot bets Football, Cricket, Horses and Dogs.

And has features like program betting, and 4 staking options, however it is the Manual betting option that will be of most use to the 20 Plan Staking Attack players.

You will find this is a handy bot to use to bet on Betfair.


20 Race Staking Attack, stops this happening.

  • You your limit for the 20 race/events

  • Bet only the amount the spreadsheet states.

  • Only 20 bets in the series.

  • Can take as long as you like to complete.

  • 5,000 formulas working hard for you.

  • Can exspect so good payout.

  • Makes your success really pay.



This was the very first day of release.

100 bank becomes 3,500 using Australia Race Rater.

See Australia Race Rater Click Here This is a separate product not part of 20 race staking excel

This was Melbourne and Sydney night racing on 15th November, 2019

35 times bank growth!


Early Results:


This was on a Australian Forum posted on the 7th December, 2019

thanks to the client that posted it.


ONLINE VERSION (no excel need) Click Here

Oh, what you don't have excel on your computer?

Well we have you covered also.

And it is Amazing... Read On.


Yes the 20Race Staking Attack is available in a web based software.

No Excel needed on the Online Version.

What does the software do, that the spreadsheet can't!

It is available to use anywhere you go.

Yes, whether you have Android, iphone, ipad, mac, windows.

You can access the 20 race Staking Attack right away, at the track, the TAB, bookies, fishing, playing golf. Or having a beer with a mate.

The software is available where ever you have an internet connection.


Initial Setup screen.

The working screen.

This is the same working as the excel spreadsheet, but it DOES NOT use excel.



Early Release Special on the Software.

Upgrade Free from 1 year subscription

to 5 years subscription.

Purchase in either UK Pounds Or Aussie Dollars.

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For the Excel version use the options below.



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These are some of our others,

some don't need excel, as there are cloud versions available.

We will show you how investing £100.00 on

20 short priced sports bets returned £9,111.00 Profit.


Watch the videos, and see it working

Click Here for Video and more

Double Dutch 2

Watch the videos, and see it working

Click Here for Video and more

Watch the videos, and see it working

Click Here for Video and more

This has a Free ebook explaining the Staking Plan.

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If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


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