Thanks for making the decision, to join us.


 20 Race Staking Attack



Thanks for making the decision to join us.

Before you make the final purchase.

Please look if you have a version of Microsoft Office or Excel on your computer that will run this spreadsheet.

The minimum requirement is Excel 2010 Full Version or Higher.

Excel online version WILL NOT run it.

Apache Open Office WILL NOT run it.

Libre Open Office WILL NOT run it.

Microsoft Online Excel WILL NOT run it.

Only Microsoft Excel will run this spreadsheet, as it contains Macros and VBA in it.

If you don't have microsoft excel 2010 or higher then we suggest you get a copy of Office 2016 from Ebay UK, they have them for £5.00 and less, on instant download.

Australian ebay have them also but more expensive.



OK, so you have a suitable excel, then jump in you will have lots of fun.

Also the spreadsheet is very easy to use the hardest part will be sending it to me for the licence. And that is easy.

The Bot.

This is not need to run the 20 race staking plan... but it is a very handy tool.

This uses Microsoft Windows, so any PC or VPS that is windows based will run it.

The bot does not need excel to run.

You can run the 20 Race Staking without the bot.

Just That It is a perfect way to get this Bot for two year licence, for the price of 1 year!!

If you purchase with the 20 race staking attack.

Grab the Bot Only


Thanks for you time.






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Excel Spreadsheet Only.

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Excel Spreadsheet Only.




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If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


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